Examples of Electrical & Mechanical Applications

​Lee Wolf is a Level I and Level II Certified Thermographer.  He uses the Fluke Tix 1000 thermal camera for his radiometric data imaging.  Superior images are captured from this amazing technology.  Problems are easily solved such as determining if a condensate trap is working properly or if you have an electrical hot spot developing. 

There are many uses for thermal imaging.  The Fluke Tix 1000 thermal camera is a long wave, uncooled microbolometer detecting radiation wavelengths from about 7.5-14 microns ( micrometers ) at a frequency of about 20-37 THz ( terahertz ).

Our thermal detection range is from -40 to 3600 degrees Fahrenheit.  So what does this mean for you?  The most precise, accurate and high definition results you will find in Arkansas!

Infrared & Thermal Imaging

Using The Research Grade Fluke Tix 1000 Thermal Camera

Other Companies May Have A Thermal Camera, But It Would Be Like Comparing A Paper Airplane To A Supersonic Jet!