Electrical, Mechanical & Plumbing 

Water Leak Detection- For finding leaks on almost all types of underground water lines for residential, commercial & Industrial.

Thermal Imaging- For finding problems related to electrical, mechanical and industrial equipment.

Robotic Pipeline Imaging- For visual inspection and locating underground pipes, drains, conduits and water lines from 3/4" through 48" in diameter

Backflow Testing & Repair - For testing, maintenance and repair of all types of backflow prevention assemblies.  

Underground, Utility & Subsurface Imaging

Directional Drilling & Boring-  For utility installation and additions.

Ground Penetrating Radar- For locating underground utilities, subsurface storage tanks, septic tanks and more.

Concrete X- Ray & Imaging- For locating subsurface utilities, electric conduit, post tension cables, rebar and determining concrete thickness.

Vacuum Excavation-  For exposing underground utilities, directional drilling operations, specialized cleanup projects and more. ​ 

Uniquely Technical Specialists

​​Red Wo​lf Technical, Inc.​

Wondering what we do?

We are a specialty contractor focused on the following services listed below.